Title 24 Report FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Title 24 Report

To get a Title 24 Report please read the following questions and answers before contacting us.

  1. What information do you need to complete the Title 24 report?
    We will need the floor plan and elevation drawings showing exterior walls, windows and door dimensions, we prefer either AutoCAD .dwg format or Adobe .PDF files. Usuall that will be the only drawings we need from you. The order form will answer everything else. For an Addition order or NEW structures Click Here.
  2. I have hand drawn plans, can I still use your Title 24 report services?
    Yes, please fill out our order form first and in the comments box explain that you need to send hardcopy plans. We will reply to your order with a physical address that you can mail plans to. We do not accept plans by mail without first receiving a completed order form.
  3. What is the cost of a Title 24 report?
    $250 FLAT rate for Single Family Residences, an addition or new structure. Even though we post our flat fee price on our website in bold and on all our direct mail pieces, this is still the number one question Please email for quote on Commercial Projects. This question is usually followed with:
  4. Your order page says I will receive an instant email confirmation and I didn’t, why not?
    this is a server error on the customer’s side when they are uploading their drawing files, please try and keep file sizes under 4MB , next try sending one more time and if you still don’t receive a confirmation, please email us. During business hours you will usually get a response within 30 min.
  5. What forms of payment do you acept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, or check debit using our eCHECK service.
  6. Do you do commercial or lighting?Yes we do, please click HERE to receive a quote for your New Commercial or Tenant Improvement project. Along with the plans please provide the Scope of the Project ( ie. Tenant Improvement).
  7. I am an architect/designer, can I send you my clients and have you bill them directly?
    As stated above we run very efficiently and prefer to work with architects and designers directly. Having your Title 24 Services outsourced to title24service.com can be a great profit center for your firm. We charge you a flat rate, and you charge whatever profit you want above that.
  8. What is your service guarantee?
    We guarantee our flat rate price, we guarantee our fast service and that your report will meet the Title 24 requirements, and we guarantee you will pass inspection without problems or we fix it for free.
  9. The building department said I need a Certificate of Compliance (CF-1R form), What is that and is that included in the Title 24 report I will receive from you?
    The certificate of compliance lists the building features and specifications needed to comply with Title 24 energy code in California. The compliance certificate report is created in an electronic format and is emailed to you signed by our Title 24 consultant.