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Advantages of California Title 24: Code of Energy Regulation

In 1978 California Code of Regulation or CCR was enforced in the form of California Title 24 for defining the standards of energy use and conservation in an effective manner. In order to highlight the approved methodologies for restraining the use of electricity while constructing an building these standards were created. It was made compulsory […]

Title 24 Certificate Of Compliance CF-1R

The Title 24 Compliance Report lists the energy features of the building broken out by heating systems, water heater, opaque services and fenestration areas. It provides useful design information for the designer and builder, and is reviewed by the building department during the field inspection. The CF-1R Report must be signed by the owner/designer and […]

Title 24 Energy Compliance Services Company

Title 24 Energy Consulting Services Performing Title 24 Work We are often asked if one must legally be certified to complete Title 24 documentation, which provides calculations demonstrating a building’s compliance with the California Energy efficiency Standards. Individual certification is not required of those preparing Title 24 compliance documents. However, when using a Performance based […]